Publication: Newspaper Print

Ive been thinking about various methods of dissemination. The main one being in newspaper format. I initially wanted to produce a newspaper since my earlier research into Gerhard Richter taking over Die Zeit

I had an idea of using the logo form Metro newspaper and changing it into the title of my work so that I could replace the newspaper with my own work. This being a form of Gorilla art I suppose and not something I have done since being caught doing graffiti on the Bristol train line when I was 16.  Newspaper print seems to have made a resurgence in recent years with lots of online companies offering relatively cheap and quick turnarounds on newspaper designs.

In thinking about how to get people to look at my newspaper, this idea of using the metro newspaper stands is to in some ways trick people into reading my work rather than the daily news on their commute. I'm not 100% sure this is a great idea yet but I think it is a good starting point to see where I can go with it. 


Above is one of the original ideas for the newspaper front cover. Have been troubled over exactly what it is I am trying to achieve with this publication. I don't feel I have enough 'news' for it to be newspaper and the contents inside with the kind of layout I want to do isn't in the format that a newspaper would take. This has caused quite a lot of anxiety about this publication for a while now and I have been thinking whether to change tack altogether.