Looking for inspiration for the video production of my newsprint

A few examples of how people have recorded their publication. 

Otsukas video above is one of my favourites so far. Many videos arelocked off on a tripod from above and then either speeded up or slowed down as someone turns the pages. I too did this for my mock dummy publication earlier in the module. This is a great way to shoe literally what is on the pages of your publication but there isn't any context given or anything tot all the viewer how or in what way the work is supposed to be viewed.  

Ive been trying to think of some other ways to video my work, so far with little success. I like the way there are macro shots of details on the page which is something I am going to try and do my self. I also had the idea of using the end of the video to show me numbering /50 to show the edition and that it is hand written. 

Sentence was a limited edition (1000) newsprint zine created by YouWorkForThem. The zine was concepted and created by means of distant collaboration between the Minneapolis studio and the Bangkok studio. The zine can be read from two different viewpoints. Page through it like a book, or unfold to reveal compositions in full poster-like pages. Text written by: Grant Leuning, Featuring designs by: Eric Carlson, Michael Cina, Emily Darnell, Taechit Jiropaskosol, Thun Puchpen, Travis Stearns, Lee Suetorsak, Michael Paul Young.


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