Thomas Albdorf

"Looking at Austria and how it is constructed and constituted within a common image space, the concept of mountains, of an alpine landscape that functions as surface for multiple projections is prevalent; be it within the classic 1960s Heimatfilm, advertising, or political propaganda.

I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before aims towards reconstructing and abstracting this mountainous visual space via various methods of image production, ranging from appropriated scanned material, digitally altered photographic images, studio settings etc., whilst also discussing the images’ productional circumstances. The works depart from their indexical referents, creating possibilities to become different images. One mountain can signify a different mountain, clouds can be petrified, water can become dust."

The main way I have been informed by this work is for future projects really rather than for this current output. Albdorf is a commercial photography who has blurred the lines between commercial and personal work. This is something I have been striving to succeed in since the start of the course but up to now because of thievery nature of the family album and memory work has taken a very different aesthetic path to that of my commercial work. i think for this reason my final major project work is going to be something that will bridge my current ideas and practises with my commercial work. Perhaps through engaging with modern techniques or by moving away form the analog. I'd like to start looking at the family album and the archive through different and more contemporary glasses.