Cemre Tutorial Notes 21.08.2018


Speaking to Cemre today about the newspaper has been really helpful indeed. Questioning whether it is a newspaper at all or whether the design lends itself more towards a single poster style or a zine have been really interesting ideas. I think he main thing that I have taken form this however is that I have spent a great deal of time trying out different things in InDesign in terms of layout and not really thinking about whiter they add value tot rework or if it just looks like lots of different ideas all placed together. 

I really liked the idea of the faded images as an analogy of the fading of memories and also the disjointed repeated images with pieces missing, however on reflection I think they are both a little too gimmicky and not really something I want to continue with. For that reason I have simplified the design a great deal and also started to re think how I control the relationship between the images and text. 

Onto the idea of the text, Cemre picked up on something I hadn't noticed with words not being my strong point. The captions of memory alongside the images are all in different tenses which breaks up the flow of the narrative a great deal. I have recently spent a great deal of time with these images and text and it was something I hadn't noticed although I knew there was something not quite right in terms of the narrative. 

Other ideas and conversation came up around the distribution of the newspaper.