Office hours and Newspaper talk

Notebook view

Notebook view

Good to catch up with Gary and office hours crew last night. It was mainly focused around my newspaper as I wanted some feedback from both Gary and other peers. Some notes below on discussions/ ideas / and thoughts moving forward...

Newspapers are more common in smaller photography communities where other methods of dissemination are less possible. This conversation started by Gary asking Why a newspaper and what it was that I wanted to get out if it. 

In terms of why a newspaper, I did mention here about my original thought on why a publication of this nature. The main point that came out was that I actually wanted to encourage viewer feedback from the publication rather than it being handed out, read and discarded ( which is what would happen if replacing the Metro newspaper in rush hour as originally planned). This sparked of other viewpoints around ethics of replacing peoples daily news without their permission, getting in trouble for the act in the first place, and also for reasons around the university getting bad press if as a student I were to get in trouble. None of which I had even thought about I have to be honest. 

Permanence: The Metro is printed read and discarded all in the space of 12 hours. They are littered all over the floor of the underground and then swept up and recycled (I would hope). On reflection this isn't what I would want to happen to my publication. After all now knowing that It is feedback that I seek and not just the statement of "Ive infiltrated the Metro News" I realised this isn't the right path to go down. I want it to be an edition of newspaper prints for people to keep or pass on rather than simply discarding. 

A Headline to grab attention of the viewer: We were discussing traits of the newspaper and how they look and for what purpose. My newspaper although having the logo title that seems to match with the newspaper, doesn't have the content or headline associated with he news. This adding more weight to the argument that what I am making although being printed on news print is not in fact a newspaper. A difference I hadn't thought about previously.  

From this a suggestion was put forward that I do in fact need a call for action. Not knowing what the purpose of my paper is nor what I want to achieve from it all points towards the idea that I need to tell the viewer what it is I would like them to do once I have chosen how they shall receive it. 

Dissemination: People don't appreciate being tricked into doing things. With this in mind, perhaps the idea of the Metro altogether is something I need to develop further. Going towards full transparency and approaching people I want to read my newspaper is a much better option. This way a dialogue can be started and I can actually get the feedback I hoped to receive without tricking people into picking up my paper. After all it won't be for everyone I guess.