David Campany in Conversation with Wendy McMurdo and Pauline ...?

I’m interested in the “Hybrid space between photo & video.” - David Campany

Technology has now enabled us to have a stills camera, a cinematic camera, a sound recorder, a mobile editing tool and more all incased in an Iphone. This however is not a new idea. David Campany Introduced us to The Sept camera, manufactured by Debrie, France, 1922. This was a camera capable of all these things in one device and covered all aspects of this Hybrid space mentioned earlier. This multi use device fulfils the “desire for fluid ability to switch between still and cine”(Campany) and has ignited some ideas for my final output of my FMP in terms of how to publish to multiple platforms using variations of the project for different outputs. In the coming weeks I shall be writing a project proposal and these influences and ideas gained form this conversation will be part of my initial proposal.