A Graphic Element

I have been a fan and close follower of Wolfgang Tillmans' work both commercial, personal and artwork. He was one of the first photographers I looked at and saw the real relationship between text and image and was a big inspiration form final newspaper design. 

Since working on the Landings exhibition I have found that I am far more confident in working with page design and think that this is something I cam going to continue to work with in future projects. It gives me almost an extra surface to use in my work and I think up to now I have felt quite restrained by what I could produce because I didn't have that knowledge of how to construct images on a page properly. 

Graphics working with photography is of great interest to me as is how Tillmans's created the Betweenbridges anti brexit campaign. 

23rd June 2016 - Anti Brexit Campaign, Wolfgang Tillmans -  https://bit.ly/2M2l6K2

23rd June 2016 - Anti Brexit Campaign, Wolfgang Tillmans - https://bit.ly/2M2l6K2