Working with more archival images

I’ve come across another photograph of my great grandfather when he was a child. I was interested to find that it was already printed onto a postcard, something I hadn’t really thought was done with home portrait photographs. This shows that it was probably taken in a professional photographers studio. I wanted to have a look at the history of the picture postcard and came across the last in a series of articles on the Science and Media Museum Blog.

Although picture postcards first appeared in the 1890s, it wasn’t until very early in the 20th century that the format was used for commercial portraiture. -

Great Grandfather (PHILIPS).jpg

I’m starting to wonder what I am supposed to be doing with these images, as what has really been highlighted recently is that this investigation is more about the act of investigating and finding out stories from my family rather than the actual images themselves. I need to think about how I am to inject my own personality into this archived body of work.