the Passport Image

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I wanted to a dd a little context to the motivation behind some of the 2x2 grid images explored through my Ipseity project. Whilst having one of the many conversations with Sue about some of the images and memories of life when I was a child and certainly before, she mentioned one particular image which I would like to concentrate on now. This was taken by someone at her school who was trying to make it as a photographer so had offered to make head shot style portraits of people as a way of building up his portfolio. Sue had agreed and was very happy with he images. She remembered how nervous he was making the portrait in a make shift studio space, but how happy she was with he end result.

When I collated all the images together so I could start to construct some kind of narrative, this story stuck out in my head about the young man making images for his portfolio. However Sue talked of the occasion as being one similar to sitting for a passport photograph which really interested me. The characteristics of a passport photograph are nothing like those of the image above however, I wanted to recreate this image in the style of the passport, and my first thought was the repetition of the images. The 2x2 or the 1x4 strip of photographs you get when you wait for the machine to churn then out of the side of it once you’ve come out of the curtained room.

Secondly, throughout this process of investigation, I have been interested with the idea of duration and in particular its role within the cinematic image. I think this stated when I required the super 8 video of my grandparents wedding to be digitised and they provided the video as individual still images. There is something quite cinematic looking about this portrait of my grandmother. Perhaps the photographer had been studying the classic Portrait Lighting asserted tot he cinema. With he idea of the cinema in mind, I wanted to look at ways of extending the duration of the image. The duration of both the image itself whilst maintaining its attributes as a still photograph. I could achieve this through repetition, which also then lead me back to the repetition of the passport photograph on the printed strip. I have selected this as one of my final major project exhibition images and have increased the size away from hat of the passport photograph, or that of cine film to a much larger size, where it becomes part of a new narrative I have created.

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