Reflection on this project as it comes to a pause.

Being a photographer, someone working with visual material, I have always communicated my emotions through my presentation of the image. I was recently asked by a critic to explain what this project was about, and I struggled to put it into words.

Something happened recently, which put this journey into perspective. I was given a large generous donation to support the creation of this project into book form. The donation was from the daughter of my childhood babysitter, who I was very fond of and have many happy memories as a child and a young adult. I visited her in hospital around 3 years ago. This had been the first time in 20 years I had seen Beatie, and was to be the last. Although visually aimed at my grandmothers archive, I suppose it is the connection I had with this elderly lady is what my project is about. It's the connections we make with people and place, and the memories that are created. It is these components of our history that creates the people we are today. The memories created and maintained through photographs give us context.