Moving forward - Future Plans

Coming to the end of the MA programme leaves with a certain level of panic due tot he wide range of options of what to do next and in what order to do them. I have certainly engaged more with the idea of further education which really wasn’t the plan when I started out on this MA in Photography. I think a large part of it is being a part of an academic setting. The face to face events we have been to, working with other students in a real life situation rather than online has made me realise that I really do thrive in that setting so want to do something moving forward that feeds that.

A PGCHE is another option so that I am able to teach in higher education which I would love to do in the future. This would mean going straight into another online course for a year which has its down falls. A part of me wants a break first.

The other option is working towards a PHD. I have sen a very interesting paid PHD studentship through Brighton University and the Kodak archive which would be absolutely perfect for me. With further research into eh archive of the iconic photography business, I would gain valuable experience in handling archives and working in the setting of the museum.

In terms of where my practise is going, I have some ideas for further projects involving the archives. One being a project in search of someone in a photograph I have found in a sea cadet manual. I think I shall always now be informed by the archive, and the physicality of the photograph both old and new. I would like to show that in my work and possibly use this in new ways moving forward with project exhibitions.

I would also like to show Ipseity in a few more settings in some kind of tour. I have plans to show it later on in the year in bath in the chapel I had hoped to use for my FMP show. I also have the graduate show where I need to work out a way of showing the project within the constraints of an A2 page, which is going to be a challenging project.

I also now feel like I have the tie to read some of the books I was only able to skim through in the past few months. I have recently bought a couple of new books to look at and I will see what I take from them with my work moving forward.