Portraits, Landscapes and Still Life Images of Alec Soth

Other than the aesthetic beauty of Soth's images especially in his Niagara project, I look to this body of work for some kind of influence in editing and ordering my work. I had started out thinking this work would be a series like Soths and Spinks of Portraits, Landscapes and Still lives. However, As I returned to the area by the lake in Newton Abbott time after time, I was more closely intrigued by the landscape. The forms of the bushes in front of the trees and the lonely petals in the foreground against a back drop of foliage. 

Aleisha and Joe 2004, Alec Soth -  https://bit.ly/1BRIgGk

Aleisha and Joe 2004, Alec Soth - https://bit.ly/1BRIgGk

Falls 26, Alec Soth -  https://bit.ly/1BRIgGk

Falls 26, Alec Soth - https://bit.ly/1BRIgGk

Two Towels, Alec Soth -  https://bit.ly/1BRIgGk

Two Towels, Alec Soth - https://bit.ly/1BRIgGk