Work in Progress Project Statement


Ipseity, which translates to Individual identity in latin, is a collection of images both of personal photographs, as well as reworked material from my grandmother’s original archive dating back to1890. This collection is an amalgamation of my research into memory, postmemory, the family album and ultimately the connections we have to the past that shape who we are today.

 Inspired by the ‘arts of memory’, an ancient scholarly technique, I have created a visual record which mentally places objects along a familiar pilgrimage to ‘The Holy Land’, undertaken by my grandparents regularly over three decades.

Memory is a means of linking the past and present, and exploring the inter relationships within my family network. Through dialogues with my grandmother,  examining visual material, and re assembling this material in my own narrative, I have experienced aspects of her past. These secondhand fragments can also be interpreted as postmemory, and thus aspects my own past. 

This project IPSEITY, forms part of an ongoing investigation into the personal archive belonging to my grandmother. It started two years ago, as a study of my grandmother’s cabinet of memorabilia. 

This study prompted further enquiry into the significance of the personal archive in relation to my own identity; this marks the beginning of my own familiar journey.