What Does 'Reflective Practice' Mean to You?

As I am so new to teaching, I have put the ideas of reflective practise into the context of my photographic practice, and that of my recent MA Photography learning experiences. Personally, reflective practice is the practice of reflecting on a specific journey whether it be a practical piece of work that I have completed, a written assignment that I have submitted, or a workshop that I have delivered. and to see whether it has met the outcomes that either I had set or had been set for me. I think there is a link to feedback within reflective practice, and also an important part of this practice is to identify strengths and weaknesses and act on them moving forward.  Taking a minute to think further about this after my first day in teaching today, I am already reflecting on how the day went, what I said, and if I think I got the points across I was trying to make. This also could be deemed as being a reflective practise. 


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Hi Ant,

Interesting reading your post after mine. I am used to using reflective practice constantly throughout a process as opposed to at the end. I think this is something I want to add to my practice in teaching as like you say it would be useful early on in our teaching careers to step back at the end of each session and quite objectively review the outcomes against the goals we had set ourselves.


Hi Ant

Yes I would say reflecting on the day is part of good practice - as discussed elsewhere here we can be reflecting at various times and in various ways during any day or week. Recording our thoughts from all those time and at some point bringing them together for determination of sensible actions is quite key. Some are lucky enough to have the kind of memory that will obviate the need to write things down immediately but for others writing down or recording online there and then (or shortly after) are very important.