Week 2 Reflection Activity

What specific aspects of what Scales et al (2011) and Moon (2005) say about reflective practice, apply to your personal practice as a teaching and learning practitioner, and how?


Whilst applying these idea son reflection my teaching experience, I should also be applying them to my learning experience on this PGCHE. I have only really just realised how much past experience as a learner feeds into my learning as part of this programme.


I am particularly interested by Schon’s ideas of both Reflection on action and Reflection in Action. This begins during my practice which, as such a new career in teaching and learning needs constant reflection during the activity so that a quick change of direction or activity can be made to achieve the relevant LO’s. Discussing how my first teaching session went (as it was working combined with a very experienced teaching practitioner ) is in line with Schon’s Reflection on Action to determine ways to improve for the next session. After my first teaching session Spoke with my colleague about ways to improve and we talked about his teaching background and why he worked in the way he did.

As a side thought, there was a technique of giving a very immediate and short amount fo time to find an artist or look up a video on YouTube, creates a much more exciting learning environment. Whilst giving these short tasks to students also gives you as the teacher time to prepare for the next part of the session by finding new sources to share etc.