Introduce yourself

Who you are and how you ‘arrived’ on this course.

I am a practising photographer both in terms of research and practical photography. I graduated with an MA in Photography from Falmouth Flexible this summer, so am now diving back in on the PGCHE. 

I have very little teaching experience, but I think I could say I have a wealth of learning experience from both my BA ten years ago (also at Falmouth) and then the MA more recently. I have given a few lectures in various aspects of the photography industry, and presented at the first Falmouth Flexible Photography Symposium earlier this year. 

I have just in the last week accepted my first associate lecturer job here at Falmouth University in the institute of Photography working with the 2nd Yr BA Students which I am both excited and terrified about all at the same time. 

What are your goals for the course, and what do you hope to achieve?

My goals for the course are to gain as much teaching and learning experience as possible and to really get to the bottom of how to be a good teacher. I hope to learn from you all as my peers as well as to share my experience of learning through a flexible MA programme online.