Reflection on weekly learning

Self-Evaluation of Experience Against the HEA’s UKPSF

Consider what you have learned about the practice of supporting student learning in HE and the range of different things that have been discussed. Give some thought to what you have learned about your own and others' practice in supporting student learning.

  • What have you learned about the practice of supporting student learning in HE?

To be truthfully honest, the thing I have learnt this week about the practice of supporting student learning is the complexity of ways in which teaching is taught, monitored, categorised and reflected upon. I think I was, and in some ways still am quite naive about the many different ways there are of supporting teaching learning in higher education.

  • How has your understanding of this changed from doing this week’s topic and activities?

My understanding of supporting student learning in HE has changed massively only in the first week. Although I have not started teaching in my role as associate lecturer yet, I have been able to recognise some of the areas of activity through experiences as a student in higher education. Not so much through my BA Photography course, but certainly through my MA Photography course I have been able to pin point certain areas to the UKPSF framework.

  • What has challenged you?

I think this week I have been challenged in all areas of this PGCHE programme. Having still not been assigned a support tutor to help me to process my thoughts down on paper, and to see the amount of reading I know this programme is going to entail is pretty terrifying. I also constantly compare myself to my peers which I know should only be an encouraging thing as I know I am here to learn from the practise of others as well, it still is pretty daunting.

  • What have you learned about your own experience and practice of supporting student learning?

I have realised just how in experienced I am. however, learning about the UKPSF is quite encouraging as I shall be able to use this framework to constantly re evaluate my level of experience in supporting student learning in higher education as I start to build up my hours lecturing.

  • In which specific aspects of supporting student learning do you have strong experience?

This is the area that is most terrifying for me as I actually have no experience at all in supporting student learning. I have been able to identify some areas through experiences as a learner in HE but only really on a surface level.

  • In which specific aspects of supporting student learning do you think you need to develop stronger experience, knowledge and skills?

I think it will help me to re evaluate against the UKPSF in a few weeks once I have had a few teaching sessions, so that I can start to identify my own practise against the UKPSF.

You can read my initial self evaluation against the UKPSF at the start of the PGCHE course below.